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 This page offers the reader information regarding where the initial pre-certification training hours can be obtained to qualify to sit for their respective certification credential examination. Th e ICHCC® cannot recommend a specific training program due to any potential appearances of conflict of interest, and therefore these programs are listed in no specific order of importance, relevance to the credential, or quality of content. The ICHCC® updates this page on a regular basis as more 120-hour and 30-hour training programs evolve and subsequent approval applications are received from the field.

The Certified Life Care Planner™ (CLCP®) is the oldest and most widely held certification in the discipline of life care planning.

The Medicare Set-Aside Certified Consultant™ (MSCC™) is the oldest and most widely held certification in the field of Medicare set-aside consultants and allocators.



It is always in the best interest of the ICHCC® to retain a training program, however, the TOP priority is to keep the CLCP®/CCLCP approved training programs strong, consistent, and upholding the high standards that the ICHCC® requires.  We have to continue to ensure that professionals attending an ICHCC® approved training programs receive the correct methodology training and the strong foundation needed to be successful in the field of life care planning and as a testifying expert.

 Approved Renewal CEU Hours for all ICHCC® Certifications can be found by choosing "HOME" in the top menu bar of the ICHCC® website and then choosing "News and Events", which lists approved CEU hours, as well as the "Google Calendar" that posts all approved CEU hours.  In addition, AAACEUS offers CLCP® Renewal Bundle Packages and MSCC Renewal Bundle Packages as well as a variety of ICHCC® approved CEU hours and the Geriatric Care Management Institute offers a variety of ICHCC-approved CEU courses. 

It is the credentialed holder's ultimate responsibility to renew the certification by the expiration date as listed on the credential certificate. Reasonable efforts will be made to send the renewal reminder information; however, it is the credentialed holder's responsibility to renew the certification by the expiration date on the credential certificate.



By clicking on each individual program, you will be taken directly to that training program's website.

Certifed Life Care Planning 120 Hour Training Programs

Canadian Certifed Life Care™ Planning 120 Hour Training Programs

 MSCC™ 30 Hour Training Program

 Certified Geriatric Care Manager™ Certification 40 Hour Training Programs

Certified Medical Cost Projection Specialist™ 45 Hour Training Program

  • AAACEUs   (CMCPS Training Program)