The International Commission on Health Care Certification prides itself for its ethical standards and practice guidelines that provide a structure for its certified practitioners to follow in their delivery of life care planning services. We have reviewed many complaints submitted to the Administration and to our Ethical Review Board, and the ICHCC™ remains confident it has done a good job in protecting the CLCP™ credential and ensuring that it remains above reproach in the litigation arena.

Principle 3 - Advocacy, Rule of Professional Conduct R1.3 clearly states that the Certified Life Care Planner™ will "do no harm." The term "Harm" can be in the form of physical, emotional, or financial damages to either the consumer, referral source, or a colleague. The Ethical Review Board has done an outstanding job of reviewing cases and rendering just opinions. There is only one situation that the Ethical Review Board does not have to review the case; the act of a health care professional claiming the award of the CLCP™ credential when they have not earned the credential. This particular instance is left to the administration since it is a "yes or no" situation, and the evidence is noncontroversial and clear.

We will continue to post the cases that we have reviewed so that you will gain a better perspective of your ethical guidelines and what constitutes a review. We want you to know that you are being represented by a very proactive Board of Commissioners, competent professionals who have only your CLCP™ credential in the forefront. Please click the respective globe below to review some of the cases that are current.